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The all NEW MPS Mini Maxx - Multi-Position Power Standing System is now available exclusively on the ROVI A3 base. Our innovative, highly adjustable MPS Mini Maxx system combines a power standing function with a full range of power positioning solutions, all in a compact design that offers our smallest clients a unique combination of independence, function and accessibility.

Our MPS Mini Maxx system ( Group 3 under Medicare Guidelines) combines enhanced mobility with the ability to achieve a standing position throughout the day, expanding the frequency of weight bearing and the numerous medical benefits it can provide, including better bone health, greater joint mobility, enhanced renal/bowel function and pain management.
System Configuration
MPS Mini Maxx - Multi-Position Power Standing System offers 45 CG Tilt, 165 of Recline/ESR, 7" Seat Elevation with Mini Power Articulating Belt Drive Center Mount Foot Platform (BDC)
System Highlights
ESR Extended Shear Reduction and foot platform are synchronized to provide a smooth transition with minimal shear.
Forward-locking Suspension System offers additional stability and safety by locking front suspension arms as the standing function is engaged. When system is not in a standing position the ROVI A3s ARC suspension is fully functioning for maximum performance and climbing capability.
Angle, Height & Depth Adjustable Knee Block safely secure the client while standing and offer 2" of independent height and depth adjustability to accommodate asymmetries
Unique side storage bracket and retractable support shaft enable knee blocks to be removed and stored on the side of the system for clean, uncluttered appearance when not using the standing function
Available on the ROVI A3 Power Base
Standard Features
Up to 200 lb Weight Capacity
Comes standard with the Seat Pan, Rehab Back and Back Cushon, Armrests, Armpads, Synchronized Center Mount Foot Platform, Electronics, standard Switch Controlls, upper and lower Positioning Straps, Removable Chest Bar & Knee Block
Minimum Seat-to-floor height (STF) 18.5"
Standard Seat Widths: 12" - 17", Fully width Adjustable
Standard Seat Depths: 12" - 17", Fully Depth Adjustable
Lifetime Structural Warranty
Seating Option
Invacare® Matrx® Mini, Elite, Elite TR & Elite Deep, PB, PB Deep, Backs
Invacare® Matrx® PS, PSP, Kid*ab*ra/Vi & Libra Cushions
Enhanced Electronics

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