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Invacare® Matrx® MX2 Back with Fixed Hardware
Models: IMX21406-CFH, IMX21409-CFH, IMX21412-CFH, IMX21416-CFH, IMX21506-CFH, IMX21509-CFH, IMX21512-CFH, IMX21516-CFH, IMX21606-CFH, IMX21609-CFH, IMX21612-CFH, IMX21616-CFH, IMX21706-CFH, IMX21709-CFH, IMX21712-CFH, IMX21716-CFH, IMX21806-CFH, IMX21809-CFH, IMX21812-CFH, IMX21816-CFH
Invacare® Matrx® MX2 Back with Quick Release Hardware
Models: IMX21406-QRH, IMX21409-QRH, IMX21412-QRH, IMX21416-QRH, IMX21506-QRH, IMX21509-QRH, IMX21512-QRH, IMX21516-QRH, IMX21606-QRH, IMX21609-QRH, IMX21612-QRH, IMX21616-QRH, IMX21706-QRH, IMX21709-QRH, IMX21712-QRH, IMX21716-QRH, IMX21806-QRH, IMX21809-QRH, IMX21812-QRH, IMX21816-QRH
Invacare® Matrx® MX1 Back
Models: IMX1, IMX11409-CF, IMX11409-CF, IMX11412-CF, IMX11416-CF, IMX11509-CF, IMX11512-CF, IMX1516-CF, IMX11609-CF, IMX11612-CF, IMX11616-CF, IMX11709-CF, IMX11709-CF, IMX11712-CF, IMX11716-CF, IMX11809-CF, IMX11812-CF, IMX11816-CF, IMX11409-CR, IMX11412-CR, IMX11416-CR, IMX11509-CR, IMX11512-CR, IMX11516-CR, IMX11609-CR, IMX11612-CR, IMX11616-CR, IMX11709-CR, IMX11712-CR, IMX11716-CR, IMX11809-CR, IMX11812-CR, IMX11816-CR
Invacare® Matrx® Libra Cushion
Models: LC1412, LC1414, LC1416, LC1516, LC1518, LC1520, LC1616, LC1618, LC1620, LC1716, LC1718, LC1720, LC1816, LC1818, LC1820, LC1916, LC1918, LC1920, LC2016, LC2018, LC2020, LC2118, LC2120, LC2122, LC2218, LC2220, LC2222, LC2318, LC2320, LC2418, LC2420, LC2422
Matrx® PS Posture Seat
Models: PS1616, PS1618, PS1620, PS1816, PS1818, PS1820, PS2016, PS2018, PS2020
Invacare® Matrx® PSP Cushion
Matrx® PS Posture Seat Cushion
Models: PS2120, PS2121, PS12122, PS2123, PS2124, PS2125, PS2126, PS2127, PS2128, PS2129, PS2130, PS2220, PS2221, PS2222, PS2223, PS2224, PS2225, PS2226, PS2227, PS2228, PS2229, PS2230, PS2320, PS2321, PS2322, PS2323, PS2324, PS2325, PS2326, PS2327, PS2328, PS2329, PS2330, PS2420, PS2421, PS2422, PS2423, PS2424, PS2425, PS2426, PS2427, PS2428, PS2429, PS2430, PS2520, PS2521, PS2522, PS2523, PS2524, PS2525, PS2526, PS2527, PS2528, PS2529, PS2530, PS2620, PS2621, PS2622, PS2623, PS2624, PS2625, PS2626, PS2627, PS2628, PS2629, PS2630, PS2720, PS2721, PS2722, PS2723, PS2724, PS2725, PS2726, PS2727, PS2728, PS2729, PS2730, PS2820, PS2821, PS2822, PS2823, PS2824, PS2825, PS2826, PS2827, PS2828, PS2829, PS2830, PS2920, PS2921, PS2922, PS2923, PS2924, PS2925, PS2926, PS2927, PS2928, PS2929, PS2930, PS3020, PS3021, PS3022, PS3023, PS3024, PS3025, PS3026, PS3027, PS3028, PS3029, PS3030
Matrx® Flo-tech Cushion
Models: FT1414, FT1416
Matrx® Flo-tech Cushion
Models: FT1516, FT1517, FT1518, FT1519, FT1520, FT1521, FT1616, FT1617, FT1618, FT1619, FT1620, FT1621, FT1716, FT1717, FT1718, FT1719, FT1720, FT1721, FT1816, FT1817, FT1818, FT1819, FT1820, FT1821, FT1916, FT1917, FT1918, FT1919, FT1920, FT1921, FT2016, FT2017, FT2018
Matrx® Flo-tech Cushion
Models: FT2020, FT2022, FT2118, FT2120, FT2122, FT2218, FT2220, FT2222, FT2320, FT2320, FT2322, FT2420, FT2422
Matrx® Vi Cushion
Models: MA1415-Vi, MA1417-Vi, MA1616-Vi, MA1618-Vi, MA1620-Vi, MA1816-Vi, MA1818-Vi, MA1820-Vi, MA2016-Vi, MA2018-Vi, MA2020-Vi, MA2218-Vi, MA2220-Vi, MAWWDD-Vi KA1212-Vi, KA1214-Vi, KA1412-Vi, KA1414-Vi
Matrx® V Cushion
Models: MA2218-V, MA2220-V
Matrx® Genera Back
Models: GB1616, GB1620, GB1816, GB1820, GB2016, GB2020
Matrx® PB Posture Back
Models: MPB1412, MPB1412-K, MPB1416, MPB1416K
Matrx® PB Posture Back
Models: MPB1612, MPB1616, MPB1620, MPB1812, MPB1816, MPB1820, MPB2012, MPB2016, MPB202
Matrx® PB Posture Back
Models: MPB1712, MPB1716, MPB1720
Matrx® PB Deep Back
Models: PBD1612, PBD1616, PBD1620, PBD1812, PBD1816, PBD1820, PBD2012, PBD2016, PBD2020
Matrx® PB Deep Back
Models: PBD1712, PBD1716, PBD1720
Matrx® PB Posture Heavy Duty Back
Models: HDBww16, HDBww20
Matrx® PB Posture Deep Heavy Duty Back
Models: DHD2016, DH2020, DHD2216, DHD2220, DHD2416, DHD2420
Matrx® PB Posture Deep Heavy Duty Back
Models: HDDww16, HDDww20
Matrx® Elite Back with Laterals
Models: PBE1212-LS, PBE1312-LS, PBE1412-LS, PBE1416-LS, PBE1512-LS, PBE1516-LS, PBE1612-LS, PBE1616-LS, PBE1620-LS, PBE1712-LS, PBE1716-LS PBE1720-LS, PBE1812-LS, PBE1816-LS, PBE1820-LS, PBE1912-LS, PBE1916-LS, PBE1920-LS, POBE2012-LS, PBE2016-LS, PBE2020-LS
Matrx® Elite Tilt/Recline Back
Models: PBE1616-TR, PBE1618-TR, PBE1620-TR, PBE1716-TR, PBE1718-TR, PBE1720-TR, PBE1816-TR, PBE1818-TR, PBE1820-TR, PBE1916-TR, PBE1918-TR, PBE1920-TR, PBE2016-TR, PBE2018-TR, PBE2020-TR
Matrx® Elite Deep Heavy-Duty Back
Models: EDB2216-HD, EDB2218-HD, EDB2220-HD, EDB2320-HD, EDB2420-HD, EDBXXYY-HD
Matrx® Elite Mini Back
Models: MINI1007, MINI1010, MINI1012, MINI1107, MINI1110, MINI1112, MINI1207, MINI1210, MINI1212, MINI1214, MINI1307, MINI1310, MINI1312, MINI1314, MINI1407, MINI1410, MINI1412, MINI1414
Matrx® Contour Back
Models: TRC0295-1512, TRC0295-1515, TRC0295-1517, TRC0295-1612, TRC0295-1615, TRC0295-1617, TRC0295-1712, TRC0295-1715, TRC0295-1717, TRC0295-1812, TRC0295-1815, TRC0295-1817, TRC0295-1915, TRC0295-1917, TRC0295-2015, TRC0295-2017, TRC0295-2115, TRC0295-2117, TRC0295-2217,
TRC0295-1621, TRC0295-1721, TRC0295-1821, TRC0295-2021
Matrx® High Back
Models: MHB1620, MHB1720, MHB1820, MHB1920, MHB2020, MHB2120
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