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Matthew (Video)
Attitude Seating System on a
3rd generation Invacare Storm base

Matthew, a charming, lively young boy, was only 16 months old when he developed a severe infection that led to the loss of his limbs. Both his legs and arms had to be amputated and he became a quadriplegic.

He was prescribed a power chair at a very young age, which he thrived in for several years. However, this bright and active boy began to outgrow his chair. Matthew and his parents were very concerned that there wouldn’t be a suitable chair for him at his age and weight. That’s where Motion Concepts stepped in. Matthew was prescribed a Motion Concepts Attitude on a 3rd generation Invacare Storm base.

This amazing ‘scooper’ chair allows Matthew to attend a regular school and be as independant is he likes. He’s able to maneuver onto the platform and, with the flick of a toggle switch, can reposition himself to cruise the hallways at eye level with the other kids. The elevator helps him get everywhere he needs to go. For Matthew, getting there is now half the fun.

Bob (Video)
Customized TRx Seating System on a
Jazzy 1122- 2000 base

Bob, a very bright, lively boy with Arthro Grybosis and Whistling Syndrome, needed constant care and attention. His condition had left him with severe orthopedic deformities and he was unable to bend his body into a seating position or perform most of the tasks of daily living.

Bob needed a full-time caregiver to push him in a manual stroller chair just to attend school. While this did relieve his pain, it caused considerable skin breakdown and left him completely dependant on his caregiver.

Bob was prescribed a Jazzy 1122- 2000 base with a customized TRx seating system. The seat was configured to stay permanently in a straight position to accomodate Bob’s unique needs. The seat and back are one — forming the equivalent of an upright bed, with foam in place of a cushion, and a waist restraint to hold Bob in place.

This new power chair has restored Bob’s comfort as well as his independance. Now he’s able to navigate the hallways of his school with ease and speed. He attends an enriched program and is planning to attend his first-ever 2 week college program independently.

TRx Tilt Seating System on a
Quickie S-525 base

Mark, 43, became a C-5-6 Quadriplegic after a diving accident in 1989. When he recently needed a new power chair, a Motion Concepts TRx Tilt on a Quickie S-525 was selected. This combination was highly suitable for Mark, who works in corporate banking and enjoys an active lifestyle as a husband and father of 4 year old twins.

While the base was selected for its narrow footprint, the Motion Concepts TRx power positioning system provided much needed pressure reduction, and its low seat-to-floor height allowed him easier access to tables, desks and more — at home and work. Equally important was Mark’s ability to transport his wheelchair in his new van’s EZ-Lock system, which accommodates his TRx.

This combined system provided Mark with everything he needed to go about his daily routines with confidence, and in comfort.

is a little camera shy
TRx Bariatric Power Tilt Seating System on a
Quickie S-626 heavy-duty base

Brian, a 365 lb. bariatric client was injured in an accident. Before his accident, he enjoyed an active family lifestyle that included ballgames and community events.

After his accident, Brian needed to lean to one side in order to relieve his pain and pressure. His immobility had also caused heavy edema swelling and he needed to elevate his legs. After enduring months of relative isolation in chronic pain, homebound and almost completely immobile, Brian’s therapist prescribed a TRx Bariatric Power Tilt system on a Quickie S-626 heavy-duty base.

The TRx provided much needed structural support and power, along with 50° of tilt, which Brian could control. However, it needed to be fine-tuned in order to fit on the selected base. So, the Motion Concepts engineering team came up with an adept new configuration to interface the two. It was especially important to have both components working at optimum performance without exceeding the base weight capacity or compromising any of its drive characteristics.

They created an adjustable subframe to allow forward & aft system mounting to compensate for Brian’s weight distribution. They also extended and electronically locked out the anti-tip mechanism and reconfigured the electronic tilt lock-out to set specific tilt angles. All this ensured that the stability and performance weren’t jeopardized and that weight wasn’t loaded on the front casters. The result was a winning, market-driven bariatric power system that functions as great as it looks.

For Brian, this chair provided the freedom and opportunity to re-take his life and get back into his community.

Kid*ab*ra Pediatric Power Positioning System on a
Quickie S-525 Power Base

Casey, a bright, lively young boy with Duschene’s Muscular Dystrophy, was getting around quite well with the help of a walker. As his illness rapidly progressed, he began losing his balance more. It was hard to know when a power chair might be necessary for Casey to maintain his independence.

Casey’s therapist felt that a power chair would really improve his quality of life. It would allow him to take the bus to school like the other kids, and make getting around once inside much easier. Casey was prescribed a new Kid*ab*ra Pediatric Power Positioning System on a Quickie S-525 power base. The TRx seating system and base combination is small enough to accommodate his small size and will grow with him. Its sturdy enough to handle the active lifestyle of a vibrant, young boy and it allows him to tilt and recline — a need that, while not crucial at the time of order, was already proving helpful in maintaining both his comfort and independence.

This new power chair has not only helped relieve Casey’s pain and pressure, it’s helped revitalize his spirits. In addition to attending school independently, he’s now active, lively and comfortable in his chair.

MaTRx-V cushion

Susan, an Occupational Therapy student, was diagnosed with Spina Bifida at birth. She has been in a wheelchair for 13 years and was looking for a cushion that would keep her comfortable from morning to night, throughout her day at school and beyond.

The MaTRx-V cushion has allowed her to navigate both streets and classrooms with ease. Susan is delighted with the MaTRx-V cushion, especially its sleek appearance. Its’ thin size allows her to sit closer to the frame of her chair, which makes it easier to maneuver. It also provides her with a safer, more secure ride.

Susan is also thrilled with the anti-slip covering, as it allows her to wheel long distances without having to constantly readjust herself to stay comfortable. She no longer feels she may slide off balance when driving over road curbs, or bumpy surfaces such as grass or small hills. As Susan recently found out, a little extra confidence can take her a long way.

TerraTrek Manual Chair

Paul, an extremely active and charismatic man, became an L1T12 paraplegic after an auto accident 7 years ago. But he decided early on not to let that stop him from enjoying a busy lifestyle, including travel, adventure, a wife and 2 children. At that time, Paul began with a standard manual chair. However, it soon became clear he had no intention of slowing down his or his families’ activity level because of his chair. He needed a chair that would accommodate his lifestyle, rather than the other way around. So, within 4 months, Paul purchased a second chair —the TerraTrek. Since then, the TerraTrek has been “my main outdoor chair, or my rubber boots. It takes me anywhere ... through any weather, any terrain,” says Paul.

The Terra Trek also helps him keep in excellent shape and he spends an average of 45-50 hours a week in it. Three years ago, Paul started Midland In Motions, a foundation that raises funds for less fortunate people that are unable to afford a second mobility device.

Skip (Video)
Bariatric Tilt Power Positioning System on a
Jazzy 1650 Power Base

Skip, was diagnosed with Spina Bifida at birth. Currently age 53 years, Skip is also a paraplegic whose weight fluctuates between 475 and 510 lbs. Skip also has a history of Skin Tissue Breakdown, Lower Extremity Edema and recurring cellulitis. All of this left him in constant pain while sitting.

Previously, Skip had used a scooter with a thin foam padded seat to get around. While this provided him with a way to go about his day, it also left him in considerable pain.

Skip was prescribed a growable Motion Concepts Bariatric Tilt power positioning system on a Jazzy 1650. His home and van have both been modified to accommodate this larger system. Skip is thrilled with his new chair. It immediately allowed him to enjoy not only improved independence, accessibility and mobility, but considerable pain and pressure reduction.

Danny & Joe
TRx Pediatric Tilt System on a
4 x 4 Extreme Base

Danny & Joe, are charming and outgoing boys that lead a very active lifestyle, including family, school, friends and sports. The boys were diagnosed at birth with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). Since they received their first power chairs at age 2.5 years, they have barely stopped tooling around in them.

Currently 5 years old, the boys use different equipment for different needs. As avid sports and baseball fans, both Danny and Joe needed versatile power positioning tilt systems to participate in all their favorite activities. Their parents were searching for an appropriate and safe way to help them do this.

They were prescribed a TRx pediatric tilt system that was specially fitted onto a 4 x 4 Extreme base. This rugged, all terrain base enabled them to safely visit their favorite family getaway — the beach — while the TRx helped them do so independently, comfortably, securely and confidently. For Danny and Joe, the Motion Concepts pediatric tilt system helped ensure that none of the places they enjoyed most were inaccessible.

Low-Pro Tilt Power Positioning System on a
Quickie 646 base with
Signature 2000 custom molded seating

Jackie, a very friendly, popular and outgoing 20 year old woman, was diagnosed with Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy and mild developmental handicaps at 6 months of age.

Jackie needs a considerable amount of support throughout her body in order to sit comfortably. After trying various power chairs for 6 years, she was recently prescribed a new Low-Pro Tilt power positioning system on a Quickie 646 base with Signature 2000 custom molded seating.

This combined system keeps Jackie secure, comfortable and in proper position throughout her day. She is thrilled to be able to tilt and reposition herself independently and the chair’s very low seat-to-floor height means it’s easier for her to transfer. It’s also easier to drive — turns throughout her home’s narrow hallways are now much tighter and easier.

For Jackie, this comfortable, secure and easily maneuverable system helps her stay social, independent and happy. It also helps her enjoy trips to the mall, dinner, bowling and travelling with all her family and friends.

TRx SuperLow Power Positioning System

Cathy is an intelligent, enthusiastic young woman who was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at birth. She works from home and is also very active in the local community, sitting on several boards that deal with accessibility issues. In fact, Cathy recently received a local hero award in her community for her work. She was previously in a non-tilt system, but needed tilt to sit comfortably in her chair all day. She also needed a low seat-to-floor height in order to go about her day, work at her computer and fit under standard desks and tables.

Cathy’s new TRx SuperLow power positioning system gives her the low seat-to-floor height she needs to spend considerable time working comfortably at her computer. It also makes it easier for her to maneuver herself under desks and tables at home and throughout her community. She uses a mechanical lift for transfers so, combined with her SuperLow system, Cathy gets the low STF, comfort, support and independence she needs to remain an active, productive and vibrant member of her community.

TRx-SP Tilt System on a
Invacare 3rd Generation Storm Base 

Michael, an affable and charming young man of 31 years, was diagnosed with Spina Bifida at birth. He works as a Computer Analyst and spends 8 - 10 hours a day in his chair, consulting and researching solutions for clients. Michael has been in a wheelchair almost all his life and most recently was in a non-tilt system.

However, he was in considerable pain throughout his day, and his therapist felt that the ability to tilt would allow him more options to reduce his pain and pressure — and do his job more effectively. He was prescribed a TRx-SP Tilt system on an Invacare 3rd Generation Storm base.

Michael is thrilled with his new system and its stylish, compact, good looks. In addition, his pain and pressure has been greatly reduced. For Michael, the ability to tilt has allowed him to be more productive and efficient at work, and remain more comfortable pursuing his active social life.

Low-Pro CG Tilt Interface Kit

Paul, a bright and active boy of 15 years, Paul suffers from a dislocated right hip that had left him in continual pain. Diagnosed with congenital Muscular Dystrophy at the age of 2, Paul's power chair met his needs for 6.5 years. But, once he needed regular pain and pressure relief, his chair couldn't provide it. He needed tilt, but in his case, cost and funding were prohibitive issues. So, his current chair was simply fitted with a new Low-Pro CG Tilt Interface Kit — allowing Paul to remain in his current chair and relieve his pain and pressure!

Once his pain and pressure were reduced, Paul could continue to do all the things he enjoys. Plus, he could remain comfortable and independent at his regular school and attempt to lead his wheelchair hockey team to victory as a defensive forward. Best of all, because his low seat-to-floor height was maintained, he could do all this plus access various desks and tables of different heights — comfortably, all day long. For Paul, the Low-Pro CG Tilt Interface Kit provided an effective, affordable solution to pain and pressure relief.

TRx Tilt/Elevate Power Positioning System on a
Jazzy 1113 Base 

Christine had been in a manual wheelchair since being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 7 years ago.

Ultimately, her pain and pressure became too much for her to bear. She also needed to tilt, elevate and transfer with ease and independence. Christine was prescribed a TRx Tilt/Elevate power positioning system on a Jazzy 1113.

Christine is thrilled with her new chair. She is able to transfer independently because her chair is free from obstructions, and provides the height she needs to do so on her own. Her center mount power articulating foot platform provides much needed relief. She is particularly pleased with the short footprint and compact, non-rehab look of her chair, as well as its 18” turning radius.

Christine now feels she is “good to go” anywhere and is enjoying the additional functions, independence and fun that have enhanced the quality of her life.

Jeffery (Video)
TRx Power Positioning System on a
Quickie 646 Base 

Jeffery's life took an abrupt turn 14 years ago when the 25 year old married father of two young children was robbed at gunpoint and shot. He became a vent dependent quadriplegic, and after months in rehab, his power chair met his needs adequately for many years. But Jeffery’s body began to change, and he experienced increased muscle spasms and swelling of his legs. His chair wasn’t equipped to elevate his legs high enough, nor did it recline. He also couldn’t talk to anyone without his chin control device getting in the way.

Jeffery was prescribed a customized Motion Concepts TRx power positioning system on a Quickie 646 base. His TRx was complete with tilt, recline, articulating vent tray, specialty electronics, arm troughs, a contoured back, power pivot plus legs and lateral supports. But most importantly for Jeffery, it also had a Power Swing Away Chin Control.

For Jeffery, this new chair is a blessing. For the first time in 14 years, he can swing his chin control away and talk to his family directly, and also relieve his pressure independently — bringing a joy and independence he had only dreamed about.

Kid*ab*ra cushion’s on a
TiLite Manual Wheelchair

Stephanie, a beautiful, 4.5 year old girl, was born with Congenital Myotonic Dystrophy. She previously got around with the help of her parents and a modified stroller. She was thrilled to be fitted in a new TiLite manual wheelchair and have the opportunity to enjoy enhanced accessibility and independence.

As far as her seating needs, Stephanie required not only a cushion that promoted good posture, but also provided good support and pressure relief.

Stephanie was drawn immediately to the Kid*ab*ra cushion’s specially designed fabric print. In fact, she liked it so much, she requested extra fabric to cover the back of her chair. Clearly, Stephanie and the Kid*ab*ra are a winning combination. She feels great on her Kid*ab*ra cushion because it provides the simple, uncomplicated support she needs, plus the pressure relief to feel comfortable. Last but certainly not least for Stephanie, she looks as great as she feels riding around on the attractive fabric cover.

MaTRx Cushion and PB back

Marko was injured in an accident 20 years ago and became a C5/6 Paraplegic. The dynamic, 46 year old is President of a company that manufactures wheelchair lifts. His active lifestyle includes being married, boating and walking his dog, Chelsea.

Before trying the MaTRx cushion and PB back, Marco had used a variety of cushions, including floatation products. However, Marco was developing a pelvic obliquity and was not happy with the instability and level of maintenance they required. Two years ago, Marco tried the MaTRx-V cushion and has been with it ever since. He is thrilled with its incomparable stability, ease of transfer, positioning, pressure relief and light weightness. Marco also began using the MaTRx PB back 6 months ago. It has provided him with comfortable positioning and greater lateral support than any back he has ever tried.

The MaTRx Seating Series has helped Marco sit straighter, push better and enjoy comfort and adjustability — all in a lightweight, great looking package.

Ultra Low T/R/ ESR/ Lat Tilt/ customized with
SA's Lap Top Vent on a
Invacare TDX5

Tim, a 46 year old, intelligent, independent computer programmer diagnosed with either Duschene’s Muscular Dystrophy or its milder form, Beckers MD. He had been in a much older Invacare Arrow, rear wheel drive with cross bar for many years. Tim was in frequent pain and discomfort, and his condition meant that he had a frequent need to shift laterally, or take lateral breaks. Since his chair didn’t have the capacity to position him the way he needed, he needed the constant help of attendants to shift to a comfortable position.

That led Tim to discover the UltraLow Lateral Tilt. Because this feature was necessitated by his needs, his customized selection offered the best hope of providing him the comfort and pain relief he needed. At his own request, Tim was prescribed an Ultra Low T/R/ ESR/ Lat Tilt/ customized with SA's Lap Top Vent on an Invacare TDX5. He is now doing extremely well with the new system and is thrilled with the comfort and pain relief it has provided.

Low-Pro Power Positioning System on a
3G Arrow Base GB

Catherine, a highly articulate, intelligent, outspoken and discerning woman of 51 years, was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2, at birth. Catherine shares a condominium with her partner, and is a full time Disability Studies teacher at a local University. Catherine is active woman with an upbeat sense of humour, who enjoys spending her days teaching class, attending meetings, reading and writing. As a past Chief Commissioner for a local Human Rights Commission, Catherine also enjoys spending time outdoors, particularly at her cottage, where she hopes to retire and move to one day. For 6 years, Catherine was comfortable in her 1st generation Arrow with a Tarsys seat, with tilt/recline/ESR before age, wear and tear and changing needs necessitated a new chair.

Catherine was prescribed a 3G Arrow base GB with a Motion Low-Pro power positioning system, complete with tilt/recline/ECU and integrated technology, a custom molded back/PCMFP/Power Articulating/capacitative touch plates and arm support. As well, Catherine has limited hand and finger movement. Her new system provides specialty electronics which are integrated through her joystick to independently operate her cell phone, computer etc. She also has a special moving cuff/arm spring to optimally position her arm and hand for maximum usability.

This new system has helped enhance Catherine’s quality of life and independence. It provides optimal positioning and comfort relief, weight redistribution, pressure reduction and additional environmental accessibility.

Motion Concepts system with a
Power Center Mount Foot Platform on a
Jazzy Base

Keith, a bright, articulate 58 year old man, was diagnosed with MS in May 2000. Previously, he was in a scooter, but was experiencing diminished mobility -- he was having trouble getting on and off. Keith has a degree in agricultural engineering and works full time for the Ohio State Medical Center. He drives to work in his hand controlled van and lives in a new accessible house he designed with a builder in 2001. His mother and sister were in wheelchairs and he deeply understands accessibility issues and lifestyle challenges.

Keith was prescribed a Motion Concepts system with a Power Center Mount Foot Platform on a Jazzy base. The specialized foot platform and 10 degree anterior pivot assist help him with self transfers. His system was pre-approved and paid for prior to purchase through his primary care health insurance provider (through his job). Because he is considered obese at 290 lbs, in addition to this new system, Keith went through a weight stabilizing program through his employer and feels he is doing well.

TRx Tilt/Elevate System on a
Inavacare 3GRX with ASL Head Array Controlled

Robert, age 17 years, was born a quadruple amputee. Robert is the equipment manager of his high school football team and is very active. He has been in a power chair for the last 7 years. Most recently, Robert had been in an Invacare 2GRX, but because he drives with an ASL head array, controlling the chair with his shoulders, he began experiencing multiple problems with this chair. He was put in a new 3GRX with ASL head array controlled with his shoulders and an added tilt for pressure relief, as he sits on his femur stumps 15 hours per day. He was also prescribed an elevating seat in order to enable him to use his teeth to grab items and reach items at the Puma shoe store.

The 4 egg switches mounted on the back canes allow him to: 1 - power up the chair; 2 - go into reverse mode; 3 - tilt; 4 - elevate. He can lean laterally to access the switches.

This new system has greatly improved Robert’s quality of life. He feels much more independent, and because of this, feels he is now able to do so much more.

Nicholas (Video)
Lateral Tilt System

Nicholas is an amazingly active, 12 year old boy that can’t sit still for long. He always wants to be on the go, doing something, seeing something. Nicholas was diagnosed with SMA Type 1 at birth. He needed pressure relief and relief from continual neck pain. As a result, Nicholas tried to remain at 90° whenever possible, but nearly constant pain meant relief came mostly at 15° - 17° tilted.

A Motion Concepts Lateral Tilt was the solution prescribed for his particular pain, as it would keep him in the optimal position to relieve his pain. He also needed a system that would accommodate his vent when he was sick. Before he was always in bed when sick, but this versatile system meant he would not be incapacitated any longer than absolutely necessary. For Nicholas, this meant a chair that allowed him to remain as active and vibrant as possible.

Kid*ab*ra cushion on a
Ti Cross Sport Chair

Heather, a charming, dynamic 14 year old girl was diagnosed at birth with Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus. She is an intelligent, bright, introspective girl and devout Hilary Duff fan -- she attended to her concert and even got to meet her backstage. She goes to a regular public school and is quite strong minded, social and interested in current events.

Previously in a Quickie 2 with Ultimate cushion, however after sitting for long periods, became uncomfortable. She was prescribed a new Ti Cross Sport chair with Kid*ab*ra cushion. She finds it a softer cushion with better positioning.

Shanon & Erica
MaTRx PB Back

Shanon, age 20, & Erica, age 17, are beautiful, vivacious young women that lead a very active lifestyle, including family, friends, sports and school. Shannon was a former professional women’s baseball player and college student. Erica, a high school student was also extremely active and social. Both girls are avid sports fans, including tennis and hockey.

In August 2004, the girls were in an automobile accident that left them paralyzed. After months of therapy, they were able to get around in a manual chair.

Their home was rebuilt to accommodate their special needs. After trying many alternatives, they selected the MaTRx PB Back for its comfort. It meant they could remain both active and comfortable in their chairs all day.


MaTRx-V cushion on a
Invacare Patriot Manual Chair

Edith, a lovely, upbeat, charming woman of 92 years needed mobility assistance after a tumour in her leg and subsequent surgery created mobility problems.

She was prescribed a manual Invacare Patriot chair and a MaTRx-V cushion.

Edith is extremely comfortable in her cushion and she is able to sit comfortably all day as she interacts with her multitude of family and friends.


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